Did a window on your home or business get in the way of an errant golfer, or was it the victim of a major hailstorm? If so, you can count on Intermountain West Contractors to replace the glass and repair or replace the frame.

Attention to Window Details and Service

To help keep your costs down, we use windows manufactured to fit inside existing frames for glass replacement projects when the original frame is undamaged or has light damage that we can repair.

Your new window will match nearby windows, with particular attention to ensuring a tight fit and seal, along with matching exterior and interior trim.

We are detail oriented so you won’t have to worry about us leaving a mess. For any job, we are careful about:

  • Moving furniture, rugs, and other items to prevent the possibility of damage
  • Putting up sheeting to prevent dust and dirt from blowing inside the room
  • Cleaning up before we leave—we want your home to look as nice as it did when we arrived (except for the broken window, of course)

Window Repair and Insurance

If you have several broken windows due to vandalism, an accident, a  storm or other “act of God,” your homeowner’s insurance policy will usually pay for repairs and replacement. It will also pay to repair damage from events outside your control, such as a car careening through your living room windows.

Insurance will rarely pay for damage due to your own negligence. For example, if a tree limb hanging just outside your window crashes into it during a storm, the assessor may reject your claim, saying you should have trimmed the tree. The same applies when you hit that golf ball into the window while practicing your swing in the backyard.