It can be difficult to decide if an old or damaged roof needs repair or replacement. At Intermountain West Contractors, we work in partnership with our customers and provide them with roof inspections and reports that explain all the factors they need to consider before making a big decision such as this.

Thorough Roof Inspections

Roof inspections look at the extent of roof damage, where it exists, the age of the existing roof, and other factors to advise you if repairs are sufficient or if you should consider a new roof. We also look for clues that help determine whether damage is due to neglect, normal wear and tear, a storm or damage from falling branches and other items.

At Intermountain West Contractors, we work closely with insurance adjusters to expedite claims for repairs following storm damage.

Type and Extent of Roof Damage

The type of roof damage and its extent can help determine the course of action you should take. For example, a few shingles that have curled at the corners after years of exposure to intense heat and sunshine or ice and snow can probably be replaced if the problem is not seen all over the roof and there are no leaks.  However, if many of the shingles are curling or blistered, they are probably made with material that is not strong enough to handle intense weather. Replacing the roof with stronger, newer material could be the right step to take.

Similarly, a leak or two doesn’t mean the whole roof is shot. It can mean that the flashing—metal strips used to direct water away from, pipes, chimneys, skylights, and other objects that protrude up or into the roof—needs to be replaced. This is common after a period of high winds, major storms, and even hailstorms.

Keep in mind, though, that leaks should be inspected as soon as possible because water damage can quickly spread and cause additional problems, including damage to your home’s structure or your possessions. In addition, the actual leak on the roof may not be where you are seeing water or water stains as water travels to lower elevations due to gravity or where there is roof weakness.

If you’re concerned about roof damage or whether your old roof is strong enough for the upcoming season, call Intermountain West Contractors today to schedule a roof inspection and review your options.