Offering superior products along with certified installers. Get up and walk over to the nearest closed window for a few moments. Did you feel the weather outside? Could you feel a draft or change in temperature as you walked near the window? If you did, you may want to consider replacing that window and probably the rest as well because they are costing you in energy bills, month after month.

New Windows Reduce Energy Costs

You probably aren’t too surprised to read that leaky windows contribute to high energy costs. They also make your home or office uncomfortable.

Replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star windows will lower your energy bills by as much as $260 each year in the Salt Lake City region. Even replacing outdated double-paned clear glass windows can bring savings of more than $100 each year.*

Plus, you can qualify for a state rebate to help offset the cost of your new windows. Utah Rocky Mountain Power customers can receive up to $2.00 for each square foot of new window installed. Visit Home Energy Savings for more information.

New Windows Raise Your Home Value

Many real estate professionals agree that new windows can boost your home’s value, particularly for energy-conscious buyers. Add in new frames and you could even bump up the curb appeal, too particularly if you have big windows that let in natural light.

Expert Window Consultation and Installation

The window experts at Intermountain West Contractors will visit your home to give you a no-obligation consultation and estimate for one or more new windows. Our windows and associated products are from Alside.

  • Alside offers the ClimaTech high-performance insulated glass window and is an Energy Star Partner.  Other products from Alside include SunClean® Self-Cleaning Glass, which features self-cleaning technology that decomposes and loosens dirt when wet.

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