A firm foundation is the key for any lasting relationship. Intermountain West has been in business since 1997. Over the years, we’ve earned a solid reputation for reliability through our work with numerous local homebuilders, industrial construction firms, and architects in the Salt Lake City region.

Things to Consider in Deciding a Roof for a New Construction Project

If you are building a new home, the roof you put over it is a major part of this project. You want a roof that’s secure, energy-efficient, has a great warranty available and is constructed from the strongest materials.

You need to determine what type of roof system you want on your home. In addition to cost and durability, you are probably interested in aesthetics as well. A roof’s appearance should complement the house’s architecture, which can influence factors like its slope, the construction materials used, and color.

Intermountain West Contractors works with general contractors and homeowners to determine what kind of roof is best suited for each home, taking into account the preferences of the major stakeholders. We help homeowners become fully aware of the benefits of each option before they make a decision since their new roof will be an investment they only make once or twice in a lifetime.

We are certified in the installation of Owens Corning and Certainteed

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Technical Considerations in New Roofs

One reason Intermountain West Contractors has become a respected partner among builders is our expertise in determining and considering technical aspects in new roof construction.

We pay particular attention to the ventilation system that will be installed in each property we work on. Whether they are flat or steeply sloped, our roofing services are designed to complement these systems and maximize energy efficiency. Each roof we install leaves ventilation sources clear of obstacles that could compromise the system.

The materials we use stand up against Salt Lake City’s summer heat, which can become extreme. We are also mindful of the effects that snow can have on roofs, and where proper ventilation can expedite snowmelt.

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