Effective Home Gutters provide function and protection.

Intermountain West Contractors provides gutter cleaning, repair, and installation services for homes and businesses.

Think back to the last heavy rainstorm. Did you get really soaked as you entered or left your home? If you did, you may need to check on your gutters. It’s possible that they need to be cleaned, adjusted, or even replaced.

Why Clean Gutters?

Keeping gutters clean and clear of leaves and other debris prolongs their life and lets rain run off rather your roof as it should.

Gutters are more likely to sustain damage and blocked when they are not regularly cleaned and refastened to the roof overhang. If there are a lot of trees around your home, you will probably need to clean out leaves and other debris more often than if you live out in the desert.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Gutters that are not rusting or defective but are bent or sagging may be candidates for repair. Most gutters are made from aluminum, allowing for some flexibility. Intermountain West can straighten, rebalance, and firmly secure them to your roof overhang so they can function properly.

Gutter Guards or Covers

Another option is to install gutter guards or covers to keep debris out of your gutters and make them virtually maintenance-free. Gutter covers or guards can be solid or mesh, constructed from aluminum or plastic to reduce noise.

New Gutter Installation

If your gutters are badly damaged or rusted, it’s probably time to replace them altogether. Intermountain West Contractors can help you determine if this is a necessary step.

If you decide to replace your gutters, consider the seamless gutters we offer.   We provide stainless steel aluminum gutters and expert installation. With seamless gutters, the chance of leaks taking place is essentially eliminated. We can also install guards and covers to prolong the life of your new gutters.

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